§ 158.410  GENERALLY.
   (A)   The purpose of this subchapter is to provide mechanisms for obtaining relief from the provisions of this chapter. There are several ways that potential relief from hardship is addressed, including through non-conforming development, the grant of a variance, the grant of a special use permit or through appeal.
   (B)   All cases shall be administered in accordance with the appeal, variance, non-conforming use and special use permit procedures established in this chapter, provided that all such procedures shall comply with applicable procedures set forth in the Airport Zoning Act, ILCS Ch. 620, Act 25, §§ 24, 27, 28 and 29.
   (C)   This chapter provides supplemental requirements beyond those required by applicable state or federal law. The failure of the city to specifically or precisely conform to any notice, review or other procedural requirement herein shall not invalidate any action or approval of the city unless such invalidation is required by law.
   (D)   Avigation easement: as a condition of approval of a development application in an Airport Overlay (AO) District subarea, including the application for a variance, rezoning or special use permit prior to receiving final approval of the application, the applicant may be required to convey to the appropriate authority an avigation easement consistent with the avigation easement described in § 158.352 of this chapter.
(Ord. 3718, passed 6-20-2011)