(A)   General. The Director is hereby granted the authority to issue clarification and interpretation of this chapter and the items and uses set forth in the attached land use compatibility tables consistent with the intent and language of this chapter.
   (B)   Notification. The Director shall make reasonable efforts to provide notice to all persons filing a development application for in the AO District that the respective property is located either partially or wholly within the AO District, and may be subject to aircraft over-flight and the standards and requirements of this chapter.
   (C)   Field testing. When field inspection indicates that the construction is not in accordance with the approved plans, the Director may order such corrective action as may be necessary to meet the height and noise attenuation requirements, including but not limited to stop-work orders until such corrections are made.
   (D)   Inspections. Inspections of height and of noise attenuation work shall be performed during the required building construction inspection process.
   (E)   Penalties. Any person who violates this act or any orders, regulations or rulings promulgated or made pursuant to this chapter shall be subject to the penalties and enforcement procedures established in this chapter.
(Ord. 3718, passed 6-20-2011)