§ 158.319  ACRONYMS.
   AFB. Air Force Base.
   AICUZ. Air Installation Compatible Use Zone.
   APZ. Accident Potential Zone.
   CZ. Clear Zone.
   CCZ. Civilian Clear Zone.
   CPZ. Civilian Protection Zone.
   dB. Decibels.
   dBA. Weighted decibels.
   DoD. Department of Defense.
   FAA. Federal Aviation Administration.
   IDOT. Illinois Department of Transportation.
   Ldn. Day-night sound level.
   NLR. Noise level reduction.
   RAB. Regional Advisory Board.
   RPZ. Runway Protection Zone.
   SLUCM. Standard Land Use Coding Manual.
   STC. Sound transmission class.
(Ord. 3718, passed 6-20-2011)