(A)   All zoning text amendments shall be approved by ordinance. Consideration of zoning text amendments shall require a public hearing before the Commission following publication notice in accordance with requirements set forth in §§ 158.255 through 158.257 of this chapter. The recommendation of the Commission is advisory.
   (B)   A vote either for or against a zoning text amendment by a majority of all of the Commissioners present shall constitute a recommendation of the Commission. If a motion for or against the zoning text amendment fails to receive a majority vote, the Commission may entertain a new motion. A tie vote, or the failure to obtain a majority vote on any motion, shall constitute a “failure to recommend”. The Commission’s recommendation, or failure to recommend, shall be submitted to the governing body, accompanied by a written summary of the hearing.
   (C)   When the Commission submits a recommendation to the governing body, the governing body may take such action as it deems appropriate, including approval, approval with conditions, disapproval, amendment of the application and adoption as amended, or rehearing of the petition by the governing body.
(Ord. 3382, passed 11-7-2005)