§ 158.209  PERMITTED USES.
   The placement of antenna and towers are permitted in all zoning districts only as follows:
   (A)   The attachment of additional or replacement  complying antennas or shelters to any tower existing on the effective date of this subchapter or subsequently approved in accordance with these regulations; provided that, additional equipment shelters or cabinets are located within the existing tower compound area;
   (B)   The mounting of antennas on any existing building or structure, such as a water tower, provided that the presence of the antennas is concealed by architectural elements or fully camouflaged by painting a color identical surface to which they are attached;
   (C)   The mounting of antennas on or within any existing high-voltage electric transmission tower, but not exceeding the height of such tower by more than ten feet; and
   (D)   The installation of antennas or the construction of a tower or support structure on buildings or land owned by the city following the approval of a lease agreement by the City Council.
(Ord. 3399, passed 12-5-2005)