Landscaping, screening and tree protection plans shall include information and detail as required by the Director to determine compliance with this section. Such plan shall be submitted to the Department and approved prior to any grading, bulldozing or other removal of existing vegetation that may affect the health of existing tree coverage.
   (A)   Preliminary landscape plan requirements. All preliminary landscape plans, unless otherwise waived by the Director, shall include, but are not limited to, the following;
      (1)   Legible scale consistent with the submitted development plan or plat;
      (2)   North reference;
      (3)   The extent of the development site, including the limits of land disturbance, clearing, grading and trenching. Also include the boundaries of existing stands of trees and any significant trees;
      (4)   The location and size of all utilities on the site;
      (5)   The location of all existing and proposed parking areas, sidewalks and other paved surfaces;
      (6)   The location of any screening or enclosures to be used on the property, including, but not limited to, trash storage locations and loading areas;
      (7)   The general location and proposed type of landscaping for all existing and proposed buildings, structures, trash/dumpster enclosures, signage and all raised medians or islands. The landscaping plan should provide dimensions of planting areas; approximate location and number of plants/trees; and general location, dimension and material of any structural buffer requirements; and
      (8)   The boundary of riparian corridors to meet the standards in § 158.194 of this chapter.
   (B)   Final landscape plan requirements. All final landscape plans, unless otherwise waived by the Director, shall include all preliminary landscape plan requirements in addition, but not limited, to the following:
      (1)   The location of all landscape materials proposed to meet the requirements of this code, drawn to scale; and a planting schedule indicating plant names, quantities and installation size;
      (2)   Location of all stands of trees to remain on the development site and measures taken to protect them during construction; and
      (3)   The construction details, including a profile section, of each natural and structural buffer proposed.
(Ord. 3474, passed 9-5-2006)