(A)   The following signs are strictly prohibited in all zoning districts in the city, unless otherwise expressly authorized elsewhere in this code.
   (B)   A sign shall be deemed prohibited if any aspect of the sign, including an otherwise authorized sign, contains or meets the definition of a prohibited sign:
      (1)   Billboards, other than those lawfully existing on the effective date of this chapter subject to the regulations of §§ 158.075 through 158.084 to the maximum extent permitted by law;
      (2)   All temporary and permanent signs advertising any commercial activity not related to the zoning lot on which such sign is located, unless otherwise protected by law;
      (3)   Any streamer, pennant, propeller, bunting or artificial device, figure, shape, color, sound, light or exhibit, whether live, animated or still, that is intended to attract attention to the use or business being conducted on the zoning lot;
      (4)   Balloons and inflatable signs, unless authorized by special event permit or temporary sign permit;
      (5)   Any beacon lights, searchlights and illumination by open flame;
      (6)   Any person or persons with a commercial sign and/or dressed in a commercially-identified costume (e.g., mascot) that is intended to attract attention to the use or business being conducted on the zoning lot;
      (7)   Portable signs;
      (8)   Pole sign;
      (9)   A sign with any moving, flashing, blinking or otherwise animated component;
      (10)   No sign shall impede or block any pedestrian accessway;
      (11)   Signs attached to any public utility pole or structure, bench, street tree, fence, fire hydrant, bridge, curb, sidewalk or other location on public property;
      (12)   Signs, including posts and other supports, that advertise or identify an activity, business or service no longer in business or no longer conducted on the zoning lot where such sign is located. See § 158.162(D) of this chapter;
      (13)   Signs placed on vehicles or trailers that are parked or located for the purpose of displaying such sign; provided that, this does not apply to authorized temporary signs or signs and lettering on buses, taxis or other vehicles, operating during the normal course of business and incidental to other lawful business. Trailers associated with an establishment may not be parked in required parking areas. Trailers must be parked on an improved surface and be located no closer to the street frontage than the building face. All vehicles and trailers associated with an establishment and located on the premises must be licensed and operable;
      (14)   Signs and/or related supports or structures located in or above any public property or rights-of-way, unless authorized by applicable city, state or federal law and the governmental jurisdiction controlling such rights-of-way or public property;
      (15)   Rooftop signs. Signs or sign structures, other than freestanding signs, which extend above the parapet, building roof line or canopy/awning against which such sign is located;
      (16)   Signs painted directly on the exterior covering materials of any structure;
      (17)   Signs or sign structures constructed, repaired or altered having no validly issued sign permit, except where exempted herein;
      (18)   Signs on vacant properties, except as expressly authorized in these sign regulations; and
      (19)   Any other sign that is not authorized by or does not comply with the terms, conditions and provisions of these sign regulations.
(Ord. 623, passed 9-8-1970; Ord. 3684, passed 9-7-2010; Ord. 3786, passed 12-17-2012)