(A)   Approval required. Approval of a final site plan is required any time a preliminary site plan is required. No building permit shall be issued for any structure on the property until a final site plan is approved. Approval of a final site plan shall be made by the Director in writing to the applicant upon submission and acceptance of all required materials and information from the applicant.
   (B)   Sections 158.050 through 158.060 of this chapter applicable. All requirements for final site plans set forth in §§ 158.050 through 158.060 of this chapter, including changes and modifications, shall apply to a final site plan for a planned use.
   (C)   Final site plan expiration. Final site plan approval shall, unless a shorter time is specified, be valid for a period of 12 months from the date of such approval, unless within such period a building permit is obtained and substantial construction is commenced and all additional building permits necessary to complete the project as approved in the final site plan schedule are obtained in a timely fashion, as determined by the Building Official.
(Ord. 3471, passed 8-21-2006)