(A)   Preliminary site plan. A preliminary and final site plan shall be required for any use or circumstance identified in § 158.116 of this chapter. The preliminary site plan shall satisfy all requirements of §§ 158.050 through 158.060 of this chapter and shall be submitted with the zoning application.
   (B)   Exterior building sketches. The application shall include preliminary sketches depicting the general style, size and exterior construction materials of the buildings proposed. Where several building types are proposed on the plan, such as apartments and commercial buildings, a separate sketch shall be prepared for each type. Such sketches shall include elevation drawings, but detailed drawings and perspectives are not required.
   (C)   Statement of need for modification from district regulations. A narrative statement that explains the need for modification of the applicable zoning district regulations, if requested, shall be submitted in support of the application for the preliminary site plan approval. The statement shall specifically address the precise modification requested, what compensating factors support the modification and how the criteria for approval herein are satisfied. Any site features or improvements intended to justify a modification in the underlying district regulations shall be clearly identified on the site plan.
(Ord. 3471, passed 8-21-2006)