The division of the city into zoning districts is based on the principle that similar conditions should prevail throughout a particular district. Some uses of land are appropriate neither as a “permitted use”, nor a “special use”, in certain districts and are, therefore, designated as planned uses or are otherwise subject to the “planned use” site plan approval process of this subchapter where such specified circumstances exist. It is the intent of this subchapter to authorize these “planned uses” only where the location and circumstances are appropriate to the use and a site plan is approved by the City Council. It is also the intent of this subchapter to increase the flexibility of development design through evaluation and approval of a site plan applying site-specific regulations. Approval of a planned use and corresponding site plan shall be considered a legislative act of rezoning. Any ordinance approving a site plan for a planned use shall be deemed to incorporate the provisions of this chapter. The term “planned use” shall mean the specified use, associated site plans, and corresponding “overlay district” regulations authorized pursuant to this subchapter.
(Ord. 3471, passed 8-21-2006)