The division of the city into zoning districts is based on the principle that similar conditions prevail throughout a particular district. Some uses of land are not appropriate as a “permitted use” in certain districts and are designated as special uses. Because they have a unique, special or unusual impact upon the use of enjoyment or neighboring property, these uses are only appropriate at a certain locations and upon receipt of a special use permit. Special uses shall be permitted only as provided herein and consistent with ILCS Ch. 65, Act 5, § 11-13-1.1. Unless otherwise provided by this chapter, a special use shall be subject to all of the regulations applicable within the zoning district in which the special use is authorized in addition to such other regulations as established by the terms or conditions of the special use permit that supplement, but may not reduce, such otherwise applicable minimum regulations.
(Ord. 3382, passed 11-7-2005)