(A)   Definition. This section applies only to undeveloped non-conforming lots, which shall include all non- conforming lots that do not have a structure in excess of 600 square feet in floor area constructed for a main permitted use in the zoning district at the time of construction.
   (B)   Effect of non-conforming lot area. Except as provided herein, when a non-conforming lot can be used in conformity with all of the regulations applicable to the intended use; except that, the lot is smaller than the required minimum lot area applicable to that zoning district, then the lot may be used as proposed just as if it were conforming. However, no use that requires a greater lot size than the established minimum lot size for a particular district is permissible on a non-conforming lot.
   (C)   Prohibition on grouping of non-conforming lots. Subject to the following sentence, if, on the effective date of this chapter, an undeveloped non-conforming lot adjoins and has continuous frontage with one or more other undeveloped lots under the same ownership, then neither the owner of the non-conforming lot, nor his or her successors in interest, may take advantage of the provisions of this section. This division (C) shall not apply to a non-conforming lot if a majority of the developed lots located on either side of the street where such lot is located and within 500 feet of the lot are also non-conforming. The intent of this division (C) is to require non- conforming lots to be combined with other undeveloped lots to create conforming lots under the circumstances specified herein, but not to require such combination when that would be out of character with the existing neighborhood.
(Ord. 3399, passed 12-5-2005)