(A)   Minor repairs. Minor repairs to and routine maintenance of structures and property, where non-conformities exist, are permitted. Work estimated to cost more than 10% of the structural value of the structure to be renovated shall be prohibited unless authorized by a special use permit for alteration of the non-conformity pursuant to § 158.084 of this chapter.
   (B)   Repair of unintended damage. If a structure located on a lot where a non-conformity exists is damaged by fire, explosion, an act of God or the public enemy, to an extent that the costs of repair or restoration would not exceed 50% of its structural value, then the damaged structure may be repaired or restored only in accordance with a written zoning authorization permit by the Director.
   (C)   Authorization required. Any repairs, renovation or restoration of a structure pursuant to divisions (A) and (B) above which requires the issuance of any permit under the city’s Building Codes, Subdivision and Development Control Ordinance  or site plan approval process shall also require the prior issuance of a zoning authorization permit by the Director authorizing the repair or alteration. In support of the application for the permit, the applicant shall submit sufficient information as may be required to satisfy the Director that the cost of the proposed repairs, renovation or restoration will not exceed 50% of the value of the structure prior to the repair, renovation or restoration.
(Ord. 3399, passed 12-5-2005)