(A)   Where district boundaries are so indicated that they are approximately parallel to the centerlines or street lines of streets, the centerlines or alley lines of alleys, or the centerlines or right-of-way lines of highways, such district boundaries shall be construed as being parallel thereto and at such distance therefrom as indicated on the zoning map. If no distance is given, such dimensions shall be determined by the use of such scale as may be shown on said zoning map.
   (B)   Where district boundaries are indicated as approximately following lot lines, such lot lines shall be construed to be such boundaries.
   (C)   Where the boundary of a district follows a railroad line, such boundary shall be deemed to be located at the railroad right-of-way line closest to the most restrictive zoning district line shown on the Zone District Map.
   (D)   Where the boundary of a district follows a stream, lake or other body of water, said boundary line shall be construed to be the centerline of the stream, otherwise at the limit of the jurisdiction of the city, unless otherwise indicated.
   (E)   Any areas shown on the zoning map as park, playground, school, cemetery, water, street or right-of-way, shall be subject to the zoning regulations of the district in which they are located.
   (F)   Whenever any street, alley or other public way is vacated in the manner authorized by law, the zoning district adjoining each side of such street, alley or public way shall automatically extend to the center of such vacation and all area included in the vacation shall thereafter be subject to all regulations of the extended districts.
   (G)   Where any land or territory within the city is not shown to be located in a district, the zoning regulations of the most restrictive adjoining district shall govern.
   (H)   Where a lot under single ownership is divided at the time of enactment of this chapter, or by subsequent amendments, by a zoning district boundary line, the requirements of the less restrictive district adjacent to such line may be extended for that lot, not more than 25 feet into the more restrictive district.
(Ord. 623, passed 9-8-1970)