(A)   Definitions and usage. For the purposes of this chapter, all words and terms used in this chapter are limited to the meanings given to them by § 158.016 of this chapter or as specifically provided in another subchapter of this chapter. Words and terms that are defined in another subchapter of this chapter relate specifically to that subchapter. Words or terms that are not defined shall be given their common dictionary definition. Unless the context clearly indicates to the contrary, the following interpretations apply:
      (1)   Words used in the present tense shall include the future tense;
      (2)   Words used in the singular shall include the plural and words used in the plural shall include the singular; and
      (3)   The word “shall” is mandatory.
   (B)   Definitions in other chapters. If a word or term is not defined in § 158.016 of this chapter, but is defined elsewhere in this chapter or in the municipal code, that definition shall be applicable unless the context indicates that a standard dictionary definition is more appropriate.
   (C)   Interpretation of land uses. If a particular land use is not defined in this chapter or substantially conforms with one of the land use definitions provided herein, the city shall determine if said use(s) is permitted in a particular district and the appropriate land use regulations that may apply.
   (D)   Joint ownership. Where this chapter permits or requires an act on the part of an “owner” or “landowner”, and a particular lot or tract of land is owned by several persons, whether in joint tenancy, tenancy in common, partnership, joint venture or other form of joint ownership, the act shall be taken on behalf of, and with the express written consent of, all such persons, which written consent shall be provided to the city.
(Ord. 3399, passed 12-5-2005)