§ 156.06  STANDARDS.
   Each mobile home park licensed or to be constructed under the provisions of this chapter shall be operated and maintained in accordance with the requirements of this section and all other applicable codes and regulations of the city and the following supplemental regulations.
   (A)   Every mobile home park shall be managed by a responsible individual whose name, address and telephone number shall be on file at all times with the city and whose duty it shall be to maintain the park, its facilities and equipment in a clean, orderly and sanitary condition, and shall be responsible, with the licensee, for any violation of the provisions of this chapter.
   (B)   No mobile home park shall be so located that the drainage of the park area will endanger any water supply. All such parks shall be well drained. No waste water shall be deposited on the surface of the ground within the mobile home park.
   (C)   Each site on which a mobile home is accommodated shall have a minimum area of 2,500 square feet.
   (D)   Except as noted hereafter, no mobile home shall be parked closer than five feet to the side lot lines of a park. However a minimum separation of ten feet shall be maintained between the mobile home and any other structures including those structures on adjoining property. No mobile home shall be situated closer than 25 feet to a public street, alley or building and no closer than ten feet to a private street or alley. Each individual site shall abut or face on a private or public street. All streets shall have unobstructed access to a public street.
   (E)   When a water carriage system of sewage is used each site shall be provided with a sewer connection for the combined liquid waste outlet or outlets of each mobile home. It shall be the duty of the owner or operator of the park to provide an approved type of water and odor tight connection from the mobile home water drainage to the sewer connection, and it shall be the duty of the owner or operator to make such connection and keep all occupied mobile homes, connected to the sewer while located in the park. Sewer connections in unoccupied sites shall be so closed that they will emit no odors or cause a breeding place for flies. No water or waste shall be allowed to fall on the ground from a mobile home.
   (F)   A sufficient number of adequate fly-proof and water-tight containers in accordance with rules and regulations adopted by the city shall be supplied for the storage of garbage.
   (G)   Garbage containers shall be emptied at least once a week and shall not be filled to overflowing, or allowed to become foul smelling or a breeding place for flies. Garbage and rubbish shall be disposed of in a manner which creates neither a nuisance, nor a menace to health and which is approved by the city.
   (H)   Adequate insect and rodent control measures shall be employed. All buildings shall be fly- and rodent-proof and rodent harborages shall not be permitted to exist in the park or pathways.
   (I)   All streets in every park must be maintained in a passable and reasonably dust-proof condition at all times.
   (J)   The management and owner of every park shall assume full responsibility for maintaining in good repair and condition all sanitary, electrical and safety appliances in the park, and shall promptly bring such action as is necessary to prosecute or eject from the park any person or persons who willfully or maliciously damage such appliances, or any person or persons who fail to comply with the regulations of this chapter.
   (K)   Electrical outlets for each individual site shall be provided and the installation shall be in accordance with all state or local codes and ordinances.
   (L)   In no event shall a non-permanent shelter or other vehicle designed or used for sleeping purposes, other than a mobile home, be permitted for occupancy at any time in a mobile home park.
   (M)   When community kitchens, dining rooms, laundries or other facilities are provided, such facilities and equipment as are supplied must be maintained in a sanitary condition and kept in good repair, and subject to such rules and regulations as may be issued by the city.
   (N)   All buildings constructed or altered, all plumbing and all electrical and heating installations shall be in accordance with existing city ordinances and codes and the applicable codes and regulation of the state.
   (O)   The city shall keep a record of all mobile home parks, those records to show the names and addresses of all parks, names and addresses of the licensees, number of mobile home lots in each park, source of sewage and garbage disposal, and any other information desired by the city.
   (P)   A register shall be maintained by the manager of each mobile home park. Such register shall include the name and address of the owner of each mobile home and every occupant of such mobile home and the square feet of floor space contained in such mobile home and the date of entry of such mobile home into the park. The register shall be signed by the owner or occupant of the mobile home. Any person furnishing misinformation for purposes of registration shall be deemed in violation of this chapter. The registration records shall be neatly and securely maintained, and no registration records shall be destroyed until one year following change in ownership of a mobile home or the termination of a lease of a mobile home or eviction of the mobile home or tenant from the park. The register shall be available for inspection upon request by all law enforcement officers and by the city.
   (Q)   Mobile home parks shall comply with such additional requirements as set forth in ILCS Ch. 210, Act 115, the Mobile Home Park Act, and any state regulations enacted pursuant thereto except where inconsistent with the requirements herein.
   (R)   The Code Official shall be authorized to adopt such interpretations, regulations or orders as may be necessary to enforce and apply the provisions and intent of this section.
(1999 Code, § 156.06)  (Ord. 3563, passed 3-3-2008)  Penalty, see § 156.99