§ 156.05  LICENSE.
   (A)   No person, firm or corporation shall establish, maintain, conduct or operate a mobile home park after the effective date of the city ordinance adopting this chapter (Ord. 3563), without first obtaining and maintaining a valid license therefor from the city. CONDUCT OR OPERATE A MOBILE HOME PARK, as used in this chapter, shall include, but not necessarily be limited to, supplying or maintaining common water, sewer or other utility supply or service, or the collection of rents directly or indirectly from two or more independent mobile homes. Such license shall expire April 30 of each year and a new license shall be issued upon proper application and payment of the annual license fee; provided, the applicant is in compliance with this chapter. The annual license fee shall be in an amount as established by the city.
   (B)   Annual license fees submitted after April 30 shall be subject to a late fee as established by the city. The licensee shall also complete and return a license renewal application by March 31 of each year.
   (C)   The licensee shall pay to the city within 30 days of receipt of notification from the city an additional fee, as established by the city, for each additional mobile home site added to the park under authority of a written permit to alter the park as provided in this chapter. Payment of the additional fee for the additional mobile home sites shall be paid and the amended license therefor obtained before any mobile homes are accommodated on the additional mobile home sites. The city shall issue an amended license to cover such additional mobile home sites, when they are to be occupied before the end of the license year, for which an annual license has been previously issued.
   (D)   Each license fee shall be paid to the city and any license fee or any part thereof, once paid to and accepted by the city shall not be refunded.
   (E)   All permits to construct, all licenses to operate and all permits to make alterations therein shall be prominently displayed in the park office. All licenses issued under this chapter shall be transferable only with the written consent of the city; provided, however, that, the city may not withhold such consent where the provisions of this chapter have been met.
(1999 Code, § 156.05)  (Ord. 3563, passed 3-3-2008)  Penalty, see § 156.99