(A)   The 2001 Comprehensive Plan is hereby repealed and replaced with the document attached to Ord. 3470 and entitled “O’Fallon Illinois 2006 Comprehensive Plan”, which is hereby adopted and designated as the “Official Comprehensive Plan of the City of O’Fallon, Illinois”.
   (B)   The Official Map of the corporate area of the city and contiguous unincorporated area, attached to Ord. 3470, is hereby adopted and designated as the “Official Map of the City of O’Fallon”. The Official Map and Ord. 3470 shall also include the Subdivision and Development Control Code, Chapter 154 of this code, incorporated herein as if set forth establishing such additional standard requirements applicable within the city and within its one and one-half mile extraterritorial jurisdiction.
   (C)   Such maps may show existing and proposed:
      (1)   Thoroughfares and other public ways;
      (2)   Natural watercourses;
      (3)   Storm water drainage, sanitary sewerage and water supply systems and related appurtenances;
      (4)   Sites of parks, schools and other public grounds;
      (5)   Future annexations and recommended zoning; and
      (6)   Building setbacks along streets and watercourses.
(1999 Code, § 153.05)  (Ord. 1071, passed 8-15-1983; Ord. 3081, passed 11-5-2001; Ord. 3307, passed 12-20-2004; Ord. 3470, passed 8-21-2006)