§ 151.45  ALTERATIONS.
   (A)   Proposed alterations to be reviewed. Before any demolition, new construction or alteration is made to a landmark site or to any building or structures within a landmark site and before issuance of any permit therefor, the owner or owners of such landmark site, building or structure shall refer plans for the alteration to the Commission for review and comment. The Commission shall have the opportunity to provide comments and advice regarding the proposed alteration to the owner(s) within five days after the next regularly scheduled Commission meeting following receipt of such plans. The Commission shall make every reasonable effort to identify and suggest compatible uses for landmark site property which require minimal alterations, which meet the Secretary of Interior’s Standards, or to re-use such property as originally used.
   (B)   Natural destruction, demolition or alteration. In any case of a partial or complete alteration or demolition of a landmark site or to any building or structure within a landmark site by natural causes, prior to repair or reconstruction thereof, the owner shall obtain a certificate of appropriateness from the Commission. In considering the issuance of a certificate of appropriateness for repair or reconstruction, the Commission need not require exact duplication of the building or structure within a landmark site or any feature thereof which was altered or demolished; provided that, the Commission determines that the proposed reconstruction will be in harmony with:
      (1)   The exterior design of the building or structure prior to alteration or demolition; and
      (2)   The character of the landmark site.
(1999 Code, § 151.45)  (Ord. 1833, passed 4-15-1996; Ord. 3043, passed 2-5-2001; Ord. 3252, passed 5-17-2004)