In recommending and approving the designation of a proposed landmark site, the Commission and the City Council shall utilize the following criteria:
   (A)   Significance or value as part of the historical, cultural, artistic, social, ethnic, political or other heritage of the community, state or nation;
   (B)   Location as a site of a significant local, county, state or national event;
   (C)   Identification with a person who significantly contributed to the development of the community, county, state or nation;
   (D)   Its identification as the work of a master builder, designer or architect whose individual work has influenced the development of the community;
   (E)   Its embodiment of elements of design, detailing, materials or craftsmanship that renders it architecturally significant or innovative;
   (F)   Its archaeological significance to the community, county, state or nation by virtue of information yielded or is likely to yield important to history or prehistory;
   (G)   Character as a particularly fine or unique example of utilitarian structure including, but not limited to, farmhouses, buildings or other commercial structures with a high level of integrity or architectural significance; and
   (H)   Representation of a sense of time and place unique to the city.
(1999 Code, § 151.31)  (Ord. 1833, passed 4-15-1996; Ord. 3043, passed 2-5-2001)