(A)   Purpose. A certificate of merit may be awarded to properties which might not otherwise qualify for the status of historic landmark designation or whose owners might not wish to shoulder the legal responsibilities of such status.
   (B)   Initiation of request. Any person, organization or association may make a written application on forms provided by the Commission requesting a certificate of merit be considered for an area, place, building, structure or object within the city and be recognized as contributing to the city’s architectural or historical heritage.
   (C)   Recommendation and final action. The Commission may make a written recommendation to the City Council. If the Commission recommends a certificate of merit, the Council may accept or reject the recommendation or take other appropriate action. If the recommendation is accepted, the City Council, by resolution, shall recognize the property with a certificate of merit and recognize its boundaries.
   (D)   Landmark application. The awarding of a certificate of merit will not preclude the possibility of a future Historic Landmark award.
   (E)   Criteria for designation. In recommending and approving the designation of a proposed site for a certificate of merit, the Commission and the City Council shall utilize the same criteria as for landmark designation except that the failure to satisfy or fully satisfy any specific requirements of such designation shall not preclude award of certificate of merit if the objectives of such one or more of such criteria are advanced by the designation.
   (F)   Fees authorized. The City Council is hereby authorized to establish an appropriate system of processing fees for the review of nominations for certificate of merit designation.
(1999 Code, § 151.03)  (Ord. 3178, passed 6-2-2003; Ord. 3252, passed 5-17-2004)