The Electrical Code is hereby amended as follows:
   (A)   Section 90-4 is hereby amended by adding thereto the following provisions:
   “The Building and Inspections Division of the Community Development Department of the City of O’Fallon, Illinois and the duly appointed Code Official of the City of O’Fallon, Illinois and authorized designees (individually a “code official”and together, the “code officials”) that are hereby authorized and designated to carry out the enforcement provisions of this code.
   Any person affected by a decision of a code official or a notice or order lawfully issued under this code shall have the right of appeal to the Building Code Review Committee, established by section 113.0 of the Building Code, which shall additionally govern the grounds and regulate the procedures for such appeals.”
   (B)   The following additional regulations and standards are hereby adopted as supplementary and in addition to the requirements of the Electrical Code and are hereby incorporated as if fully set forth therein.
      (i)   No other electrical conductor other than copper shall be used in the City other than,
         (a)   by the utility company in its service supply lines
         (b)   service and feeders approved by the Code Official
      (ii)   Branch circuits shall be at least Number 12 gauge wire.
      (iii)   Use of circuit breakers commonly known and referred to as “space saver circuit breakers” shall be prohibited in new construction. It may be allowed in panelboard replacement in existing services and in upgrading of existing services if the service panel is rated for their use, with the approval of the code official. The minimum width of any service panelboard circuit breaker shall be 3/4 inch. All such circuit breakers shall be of “unit-pole” design and operation, having one overcurrent protection device per set of terminals; the use of twin, tandem or similar circuit breakers which feature or allow two or more overcurrent protection devices on a single set of terminals shall not be permitted. For the purpose of this code, a “unit pole” circuit breaker is a single overcurrent protection device which exclusively, without another, makes use of one line-side terminal and its opposite load center bus-bar terminal. Any such use shall meet manufacturers requirements.
      (iv)   A maximum of 42 circuits per panel shall be allowed on a 200 amp service panel and 24 circuits on a 125 amp service panel. Breaker panels and/or fuse panels shall be clearly marked within the panel designating circuit numbers and the corresponding area(s) and/or equipment or features they service. All service panels shall contain a 2-pole space for future expansion.
(1999 Code, § 150.10)  (Ord. 4163, passed 10-5-2020)