No person in the city shall falsely represent himself or herself to be an officer of the city, or shall, without being duly authorized by the city, exercise or attempt to exercise any of the duties, functions or powers of a city officer, or hinder, obstruct, resist or otherwise interfere with any city officer in the discharge of the duties of office, or attempt to prevent any such officer from arresting any person, either by force or by giving notice to such person, or attempt to rescue from such officer any person in his or her custody, or impersonate any of the members of the police force of the city, or maliciously, or with the intention of deceiving any person, wear the uniform of or a uniform similar to that worn by the members of the Police Department or use any of the signs, signals or devices adopted and used by the Police Department.
(1999 Code, § 133.04)  (Ord. 700, passed 3-20-1972)  Penalty, see § 130.99