§ 117.04  FACILITIES.
   No massage therapy clinic shall be allowed to operate unless the clinic complies with each of the following minimum requirements.
   (A)   Adequate private dressing and toilet facilities shall be provided for clients.
   (B)   All walls, ceilings, floors, steam rooms and other physical facilities in the massage therapy clinic shall be kept in good repair and maintained in a clean and sanitary condition.
   (C)   Clean and sanitary towels and linens shall be provided for each client receiving massage services. No common use of towels or linens shall be permitted.
   (D)   Construction of rooms used for toilets, tubs, steam baths and showers shall be made waterproof with approved waterproof materials and shall be installed in accordance with the Building Code of the city.
   (E)   All massage tables, bathtubs, shower stalls, steam or bath areas, and floors shall have surfaces which may be readily disinfected.
   (F)   The premises shall have adequate equipment for disinfecting and sterilizing non-disposable instruments and materials used in administering massages. Those non-disposable instruments and materials shall be disinfected after use on each patron.
   (G)   Adequate and sanitary storage shall be provided and used for the storage of clean linen, towels and other materials used in connection with administering massages. All soiled linens, towels and other materials shall be kept in properly covered containers or cabinets, which containers or cabinets shall be kept separate from the clean storage area.
   (H)   Lavatories or washbasins provided with both hot and cold running water shall be installed in either the toilet room or a vestibule. Lavatories or washbasins shall be provided with soap and a dispenser and with sanitary towels.
(1999 Code, § 117.04)  (Ord. 3343, passed 6-6-2005)  Penalty, see § 117.99