The Mayor shall convey to the City Clerk, within 24 hours of the issuance, suspension or revocation of a license issued pursuant to this chapter, the name and business address of each licensee whose license is so issued, revoked or suspended pursuant to this chapter, along with the dates for which such issued license is valid or any such suspension applies, and the City Clerk shall keep or cause to be kept a complete record of all such licenses issued, revoked or suspended and shall furnish to the Treasurer of the city and the Chief of Police a copy thereof. Upon the issuance of any new license, or the renewal, suspension or revocation of any active license, the City Clerk shall give written notice of such action to both the City Treasurer and the Chief of Police within 48 hours of each such action.
(1999 Code, § 116.25)  (Ord. 1534, passed 3-30-1992)