§ 116.01  DEFINITIONS.
   For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   ALCOHOL. The product of distillation of any fermented liquid, whether rectified or diluted, whatever may be the origin thereof, and includes synthetic ethyl alcohol. It does not include denatured alcohol or wood alcohol.
   ALCOHOLIC LIQUOR. The four varieties of liquor herein defined (alcohol, spirits, wine and beer), and every liquid or solid, patented or not, containing alcohol, spirits, wine or beer, and capable of being consumed as a beverage by a human being.
   BEER. A beverage obtained by alcoholic fermentation of an infusion or concoction of barley, or other grain, malt and hops in water, and includes, among other things, beer, ale, stout, lager beer, porter and the like.
   BREW PUB.   Every building or other structure kept, used, maintained, advertised and held out to the public to be a place where alcoholic beverages are served and which includes the onsite manufacture, storage and retail sale of beer for consumption on or off the designated premises.
   BRING YOUR OWN BOTTLE or BYOB.  The practice of allowing patrons of a business inviting public patronage to bring their own alcoholic liquor to be consumed by the patron and his/her guest on the business premises.
   CATERER or CATERING. A person, corporation, partnership, limited liability company or other business entity which services alcoholic liquor for consumption as an incidental part of food and beverage service that serves meals off site of a licensed premises or a restaurant.
   CONTROLLED PREMISES. The total area of the premises which the licensee controls or is responsible for and shall include, but not be limited to, licensed premises, parking lots, or other areas adjacent to the licensed premises.
   EVENT SPONSOR.  Any person who presents, sponsors, hosts, or promotes a tasting event which includes sample tasting of alcoholic liquor whether or not such person directly offers tasting of alcoholic liquor and its related sale at the tasting event.
   NOT-FOR-PROFIT CORPORATION. A corporation organized or registered under the laws of and in good standing with the State of Illinois pursuant to the Illinois General Not-For-Profit Corporation Act of 1986 (ILCS Ch. 805, Act 105, §§ 101.01 et seq.) and which entity was organized for the promotion of some common object or purpose, other than the sale and consumption of alcoholic liquors.
   PACKAGE SALES.  The sale of the same alcoholic liquor which is offered for tasting where such alcoholic liquor is sold in the original container which bears the brewer's and/or manufacturer's label and which is corked, capped, or otherwise securely sealed at the place of brewing, manufacture, or distilling.
   RESTAURANT.  As defined in § 158.016 of the City Code of Ordinances under RESTAURANT, FAST-FOOD, RESTAURANT, GENERAL or RESTAURANT, LIMITED.
   SPIRITS. Any beverage which contains alcohol obtained by distillation, mixed with water or other substance in solution, and includes brandy, rum, whiskey, gin or other spirituous liquors, and such liquors when rectified, blended or otherwise mixed with alcohol or other substances.
   TASTING.  The supervised presentation of samples of one or more varieties of alcoholic liquor to the public served from the original package.  Tasting shall be limited to any one individual no more than three offerings in one day of alcoholic liquor in glasses, cups or other containers which are capable of holding no more than one fluid ounce in the case of wine, two fluid ounces in the case of beer, and one-quarter ounce in the case of spirits.
   TASTING EVENT.  Any event sponsored, hosted or promoted within the City of O'Fallon primarily for the purpose of offering tasting of alcoholic liquor.
   TASTING REPRESENTATIVE.  Any person who directly offers tasting of alcoholic liquor to the public and either holds a valid issued retailer's license, special event retailer's license, caterer's retail license or special use permit license issued by the Illinois Liquor Control Commission or works under the direction of, is supervised by, or is employed by a person who holds a valid issued retailer's license, special event retailer's license, caterer's retail license or special use permit license liquor license issued by the Illinois Liquor Control Commission.
   WINE. Any alcohol beverage obtained by the fermentation of the natural contents of fruits or vegetables containing sugar, including such beverages when fortified by the addition of alcohol or spirits, as herein defined.
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