(A)   Except as provided hereafter, no person, firm or corporation shall conduct raffles or chances within the city without first having obtained a license therefor as provided in this subchapter; provided, however, that, such a license hereunder may be issued only to bonafide religious, charitable, labor, business, fraternal, educational or veterans organizations that operate without profit to their members and which have been in existence continuously for a period of five years immediately before making application for a license and which have had during that entire five-year period a bonafide membership engaged in carrying out their objects.
   (B)   This qualification shall not apply to a hardship.
(1999 Code, § 113.21)  (Ord. 976, passed 3-16-1981; Ord. 3965, passed 11-21-2016; Ord. 4139, passed 3-2-2020)