(A)   The Mayor is hereby authorized to suspend or revoke a business registration thereby causing the cessation of a business when:
      (1)   The business operation constitutes a clear and present danger to the public safety, health or general welfare; and/or
      (2)   The registration application  information is fraudulent, false or deceptive.
   (B)   If a registration is suspended or revoked the business will be notified immediately either in person by an officer of the city or by phone. A follow-up written notice will be sent by certified mail. Both notifications will include the reason or reasons that caused the action. A suspension or revocation shall remain in place until rescinded by the Mayor or by a successful appeal to the City Council.
   (C)   An appeal of the suspension must be requested by the registrant and is allowed at either:
      (1)   The next regular scheduled City Council meeting; or
      (2)   A special meeting if the special meeting meets city ordinances and the business has been given at least three-days’ notice or has waived the three-day requirement.
   (D)   The City Attorney shall present the complaint and represent the city. The registrant is allowed counsel and has the right to submit evidence and cross-examine witnesses. A simple majority vote of the City Council is required to rescind the suspension or revocation. In case of a tie, the Mayor will cast the deciding vote.
   (E)   The city will keep an electronic record of the hearing. If either party requires a transcript, that party shall pay the cost of the transcription.
   (F)   Revocation of a business registration shall not preclude prosecution or imposition of other penalties for the violation of any other ordinance of the city.
(1999 Code, § 110.07)  (Ord. 2031, passed 3-15-1999)