§ 100.02  REGULATIONS.
   (A)   In addition to the lighting controls set forth in §§ 158.135 through 158.146 of this code, off-street, exterior lighting in residential areas shall be shielded and/or directed in such a manner that it illuminates only the user’s premises and does not spill over into neighboring residential areas so as to interfere with the peaceful enjoyment of residential or public properties.
   (B)   The following lighting controls shall apply in all residential areas.
      (1)   Light level shall be no greater than one foot-candle of illumination at any property line.
      (2)   Flood lights are only permitted when they are down-lighted and installed such that the fixture shall be aimed down at least 45 degrees from vertical.
      (3)   The Planning Director may require shields to be installed on any lights determined to be a nuisance before, during or after the installation when needed to further reduce glare and lighting trespass.
      (4)   In addition to being in compliance with the above divisions, no exterior lighting shall be used in any manner that could interfere with the safe movement of motor vehicles on public thoroughfares.
      (5)   Luminaires used for uplighting for flags, address markers, trees, architectural features and low landscape lighting must be located, aimed and shielded so that direct illumination is focused exclusively on the object and away from adjoining properties and public thoroughfares.
(1999 Code, § 100.02)  (Ord. 3642, passed 10-19-2009)