§ 94.99 PENALTY.
   (A)   Whoever causes, erects or continues any nuisance under § 94.01 of this chapter shall, for the first offense, be guilty of a petty offense and fined not exceeding $100, and for a subsequent offense, shall be guilty of an offense. Every such nuisance, when a conviction therefor is had, may, by order of the court before which the conviction therefor is had, be abated by the Police Chief or other designated officer at the expense of the defendant, and it shall be no defense to any proceeding under this chapter that the nuisance is erected or continued by virtue or permission of any law of the state.
   (B)   Any owner or tenant of a premises who fails to abate any nuisance in the notice to abate as described in § 94.03 of this chapter within the time prescribed in the second notice shall be subject to a fine upon conviction of violating § 94.03 of this chapter in the sum of $100 for each violation. Each day a violation continues after notification constitutes a separate offense.
(1999 Code, § 94.99) (Ord. 1972, passed 2-2-1998)