The Council shall consist of seven members, six of whom shall respectively represent the two wards of the City, three in each ward, and one of whom shall be elected at large, together with the Mayor.  Members of the Council and the Mayor shall be elected by qualified voters of the City for terms of four years or until their successors have been elected to take office.
   All members of Council and the Mayor must be citizens of the United States, qualified voters, and bona fide residents of the City and over the age of 18 years.  All members of Council representing a ward must be bona fide residents of the ward which they represent.  The required residency must be maintained throughout the term of office.  No member of Council or the Mayor shall hold during their term of office any other public office or position, including membership on any political executive committee.
   If a vacancy occurs, from any cause whatsoever, in the office of councilman or Mayor, Council shall, by a majority vote of the remaining members, appoint a qualified person to fill the vacancy for the remainder of the unexpired term.
   Before taking office, the Mayor and all members of the Council shall take the oath or affirmation required by Section 5, Article 4, of the Constitution of this State.
   At the first regular meeting of the Council held in July following the regular City election, the newly elected councilmen shall first be inducted into office.
   The salaries of the Mayor and all members of the Council shall be fixed by the Council and be payable at such times and on such terms as it may by ordinance direct.
   The Council shall have and is hereby granted the power and authority to remove from office any officer, whether elected or appointive, for cause or upon written charges preferred by any responsible citizen of the City to the Council; but to remove from office under this provision at least six members of the Council must be present and at least five shall concur in such removal, and the officer against whom the charges are preferred shall be served with notice of the same, together with notice of the time of hearing, a reasonable time prior thereto, and shall likewise receive a copy of the charges preferred showing the nature thereof; he shall have the right to be represented before the Council in person and by attorney and may require that all witnesses be sworn and testify under oath before the Council and to have the testimony taken down.  In the event of proceedings hereunder against any elective officer of the City no special election as to the question of the recall of such officer shall thereafter be held during the same term of office of that officer and in the event of such special election being held as to any elective officer no proceedings shall be had hereunder during the same term of office of that officer as to him, the remedies provided herein and by the recall provisions of this Charter being mutually exclusive and not cumulative.
(Amended 9-15-05)