The following regulations shall apply to territory annexed to the city:
   (A)   Any area hereafter annexed to the city shall, upon such annexation, be automatically zoned R-1, being defined as the most restrictive district within this chapter, unless said property has been otherwise zoned after pre-annexation hearing as provided in division (B) of this section.
   (B)   Any property owner desiring annexation to the city contingent upon obtaining a zoning classification other than R-1, and/or a special use permit, shall submit an annexation petition to the City Council conditioning such annexation on obtaining the stipulated zoning change and/or the special use permit.
(Ord. 80-24, passed 12-23-80; Am. Ord. 01-55, passed 3-26-02; Am. Ord. 02-25, passed 8-13-02; Am. Ord. 06-10, passed 7-11-06)