(A)   In addition to the collection of any landscape waste by a disposal franchisee, the city's Public Services Department may provide seasonal collections of certain landscape waste, including shrubbery cuttings, tree limbs not to exceed a diameter of six inches, and other materials accumulated as a result of the care of shrubbery and trees on a single-family residential lot. If the public works department provides such collections, they shall be made on the first and third Monday of April and October; the first Monday of May, June, and August; and the second Monday of July and September of each year, or other days as specified by the City Council.
   (B)   To be collected by Public Services, certain landscape waste, as specified in division (A) herein, must be placed in the vicinity of the edge of the public street pavement or concrete shoulder line no earlier than 3:00 p.m. on the Saturday before the scheduled collection. Public Services shall collect only such landscape waste as is generated on a single-family lot adjacent to the right-of-way where it is placed.
   (C)   If such landscape waste is placed either at a time when Public Services is not providing a collection or after the collection vehicles have passed, the resident and/or property owner will be responsible to immediately remove such landscape waste from the public right-of-way, street pavement or concrete shoulder line.
(Ord. 84-25, passed 8-14-84; Am. Ord. 05-18, passed 9-13-05; Am. Ord. 08-13, passed 8-12-08)