All applicants filing an application with the village of Oak Brook for a map amendment, variation or special use as provided for in this title shall provide notice of all public hearings related to their application in the following manner:
   A.   All applicants shall provide notice of any public hearing related to their application to all record owners (as required by the Illinois municipal code) and to the general public in the manner and in the time frame as provided in division 13 (zoning) of article 11 of the Illinois municipal code 1 .
   B.   In addition to the notice required by the Illinois municipal code, a sign shall be placed on the subject property informing the general public of an upcoming public hearing in accordance with the following requirements:
      1.   Such sign shall be posted on the subject property at a location oriented to and readable from the nearest adjacent street or roadway. However, where a parcel abuts two (2) or more streets or roadways, one such sign oriented to and readable from each abutting street or roadway is required.
      2.   If no public road abuts the property, the sign shall be placed on the property in question in such a position as may be most readily seen by the public.
      3.   Public notification signs shall be posted not less than fifteen (15) days prior to the public hearing and shall not be removed until after the public hearing has been completed unless otherwise directed to do so by the community development director. The applicant shall remove all signs within forty eight (48) hours after the closing of the public hearing.
      4.   The public notification signs shall be weatherproof and measure no smaller than two feet by three feet (2' x 3') or be no larger than twelve (12) square feet and shall be mounted at least three feet (3') above the ground.
      5.   For consistency, said sign shall read as follows:
   For more information call:
   Village of Oak Brook 630-368-5103
      6.   Any applicant requesting the subdivision of a parcel shall also provide notice by posting a sign on the subject property in a manner consistent with the requirements for posting public hearing signs. (Ord. G-764, 11-9-2004; per correspondence dated 2-20-2009)



1. 65 ILCS 5/11-13-1 et seq.