A.   Zoning Certificates Required:
      1.   Except as hereinafter provided, no permit pertaining to the use of land or permit required by building codes shall be issued by any officer, department or employee of the village, unless the applications for such permits have been examined by the director of community development and he has affixed thereon certifications indicating that the applications comply with the provisions of this title.
      2.   An application for a zoning certificate for a structure and the use thereof or a land use which requires compliance with performance standards set forth in general regulations of the office-research-assembly districts 1 shall have affixed to it the certification of an architect or a structural engineer registered in the State of Illinois. Such certification shall state that the structure and the use thereof, or the use of land when no structure is involved, complies with all provisions of this Title pertaining to such performance standards. The Director of Community Development shall, upon receipt of such application, approve and authorize the issuance of a zoning certificate, provided there is compliance with all other provisions of this Title. Within fifteen (15) days after the date of such approval, the Director of Community Development shall examine said application and if, in his opinion, the structure and use thereof, or use of land not involving a structure, does not in fact comply with such performance standards regulations, he shall advise such architect, or structural engineer, in writing, of his findings, stating the reason or reasons therefor. Failure of the architect or structural engineer, to submit additional information or make revisions in the application necessary to comply with performance standards within thirty (30) days of such notification shall be cause for revocation of the zoning certificate.
   B.   Certificate Of Occupancy:
      1.   No structure erected or altered hereafter shall be occupied or used in whole or in part for any purpose whatsoever until a certificate of occupancy shall have been issued by the Director of Community Development stating that the structure complies with all the building and health laws and ordinances and with the provisions of this Title. No change of use shall be made in any structure or part thereof now or hereafter erected or altered without a permit having been issued by the Director of Community Development, and no permit shall be issued to make such change unless it is in conformity with the provisions of this Title.
      2.   Nothing in this Section shall prevent the continuance of the present occupancy or use of any existing structure, except as may be necessary for the safety of life and property.
      3.   Application of a certificate of occupancy shall be made coincident with the application for a building permit and such certificate shall be issued within ten (10) days after the erection or alteration of such structure has been completed. A record of all certificates shall be kept on file in the office of the Director of Community Development and copies shall be furnished on request to any person having proprietary or possessory interest in the structure affected. A fee of ten dollars ($10.00) shall be charged for each original certificate and one dollar for each copy thereof. (Ord. G-60, 3-22-1966; Ord. G-203, 12-14-1976)



1. See Section 13-10-3 of this Title.