The director of community development shall enforce this title, and in furtherance of his authority shall:
   A.   Determine conformance of applications for building permits with regulations of this title.
   B.   Issue all zoning certificates, following approval as required in this title, and make and maintain records thereof.
   C.   Issue building permits.
   D.   Issue all certificates of occupancy, and make and maintain records thereof.
   E.   Issue permits for temporary parking and use of trailers.
   F.   Authorize, in writing, changes in residence districts signs that are more than six (6) square feet in area.
   G.   Conduct inspections of uses of land and structures in accordance with due process of law to determine compliance with the terms of this title.
   H.   Maintain permanent and current records of the administration and enforcement of this title, including, but not limited to, applications, processing and decisions for all amendments, variations and appeals, and chart and designate each: 1) district line amendment; and 2) special use on the zoning district map.
   I.   Provide and maintain a public information bureau relative to all matters pertaining to this title.
   J.   Receive, file and forward to the zoning board of appeals all applications for variations, appeals of other matters on which the village board is required to act under this title.
   K.   Forward to the village clerk all applications initially filed with the director of community development for amendments, and other matters necessary under this title upon which the village board of trustees is required to act.
   L.   Provide such clerical and technical assistance as may be required by the zoning board of appeals in the exercise of its duties. (Ord. G-60, 3-22-1966)