A.   Impoundment Procedures:
      1.   The village shall keep a record of the breed, color and sex of the animal and name and address of the owners, if known, and subsequent disposition of the animal coming into its custody.
      2.   If the owner of the animal is known, the village shall notify the owner of the impoundment and the procedure whereby the animal may be redeemed. The village shall also inform the pound wherein the animal is impounded of the date that such notification has been given to the animal's owner.
      3.   If the identity of the owner becomes known while the animal is impounded, the village shall at the time give the notification in accordance with subsection A2 of this section.
   B.   Redemption: In the event that the owner of any impounded animal desires to make redemption thereof, the owner shall do so on the following conditions:
      1.   The owner must present proof of valid rabies inoculation.
      2.   The owner shall pay to the village a ten dollar ($10.00) impounding fee, which shall be in addition to any fine or other penalty provided under this subsection and in addition to any costs of the pound.
      3.   The owner shall pay to the pound any daily kennel costs and the cost of any veterinary services provided.
   C.   Disposal Of Unredeemed Animals: When an animal is not redeemed by the owner as provided in subsection B of this section, the animal shall become the property of the pound to be disposed of in a humane manner or made available for adoption according to procedures established by said pound provided:
      1.   In any case where the identity of the owner is known or becomes known, the animal may not be disposed of unless the animal is unredeemed by the owner within seven (7) days after notice of impoundment is given.
      2.   In any case where the identity of the owner is not known, the animal may be disposed of only if the owner fails to redeem it within five (5) days of the date of impoundment.
   D.   Impounding Provisions Not To Stop Prosecution Of Owners: Nothing contained in this chapter shall operate as an estoppel of the prosecution of the owner of an animal found running at large for the violation of any provision of this chapter. (Ord. G-1014, 11-26-2013)