A.   Causes For Suspension: The city manager shall temporarily suspend any social games license issued hereunder, if:
      1.   Any owner or manager of the business premises has been convicted of a felony within the last ten (10) years.
      2.   Any owner or manager of the business premises has been previously convicted for any crime involving gambling, or has been involved directly or indirectly in a forfeiture proceeding regarding a gambling device as defined in this chapter.
      3.   Any false or misleading information is supplied in the application or any information requested is omitted either in the original application or at other proceedings.
      4.   Any owner of the business premises or the business premises itself has a license revoked or suspended by the Oregon liquor control commission, during the period of the social games license.
      5.   Any owner or manager of the business premises profits from gambling or promotes gambling, either on the licensed premises and/or in any other activity.
      6.   Employees not authorized under the license to operate table(s).
      7.   Any other conduct involving moral turpitude on the part of any of the premises owner, his agents, his employees, or other representatives.
      8.   A licensee fails to pay the license fees set forth herein.
      9.   A licensee or an employee of a licensee violates any section of this chapter.
      10.   The following activities or disturbances occur on the premises of the licensee:
         a.   Rowdy and/or disorderly conduct;
         b.   Drunkenness and/or being under the influence of intoxicants;
         c.   The use, possession, sale, gift, barter, or exchange by any person of any controlled substances defined by Oregon Revised Statutes 475.005 or of any drug whose possession, sale, exchange, gift, or use, is made illegal by any law of the state of Oregon or of the United States. (Ord. 605-04, 6-8-2004)
Action taken in this respect shall be subject to the right of appeal to the city council meeting in a regularly scheduled session. Notice of such appeal must be filed with the city recorder within ten (10) days from the date of suspension or such action of the city manager shall be deemed to be final and conclusive. A temporary suspension shall be for thirty (30) days.
   B.   Permanent Revocation: Permanent revocation may be made only by the city council, and such revocation shall only take place at a council meeting in regular session upon application of the city manager, and only after the licensee has been served with notice at least fourteen (14) days prior to the council meeting. Such notice shall include the time and date of the council meeting and the grounds upon which the permanent revocation is sought. Notice shall be deemed to be received by licensee if the city recorder mails such notice to the address listed by the licensee on the application, or any subsequent change of address provided to the city. (Ord. 605-04, 6-8-2004; amd. 2014 Code)
   C.   Suspension And Revocation Of Table License: Suspension of a cardroom license where a licensed table is located shall automatically suspend the table license. (Ord. 605-04, 6-8-2004)