3-1-11: LICENSE FEE:
   A.   Yearly License; Payment Of Fee: Licenses pursuant to this chapter shall be granted for no more than one year, and may be renewed each year upon reapplication by the licensee, together with payment of a license fee. Licenses shall be issued on a calendar year basis. Licenses applied for after the beginning of the calendar year may be granted for a period of no more than the remainder of that calendar year.
   B.   Fees Enumerated; Proration: Prior to any license being issued pursuant to this chapter, each licensee shall pay to the city the sum of two hundred dollars ($200.00) per table per year as a license fee; payable in quarterly installments of fifty dollars ($50.00) each. In the cases of licenses granted for less than a full calendar year, the licensee shall pay a license fee of one-fourth (1/4) the annual fee for each quarter or portion thereof during which the license is to be in effect. License fees may be amended or changed by resolution of the city council. (Ord. 605-04, 6-8-2004)