A.   All plats or plans for vacating or laying out, widening, extending, parking and locating streets or plans for public buildings shall first be submitted to the planning commission by the engineer or other proper city officer, and a report thereon from the commission secured in writing before approval shall be given by the said proper city official.
   B.   All plans, plats or replats of land laid out in lots or plats, including the streets, alleys and other portions of the same, intended to be dedicated to public or private use and all plats or deeds dedicating land to public use in that portion of Malheur County within six (6) miles outside of the city limits shall first be submitted to the said planning commission, and approved by it before they shall be recorded. It shall be unlawful to receive or record such plan, plat or replat or deed in any public office unless the same shall bear thereon the approval by endorsement, of the said planning commission. (1962 Code § 2-2-7)