A.   Membership: The planning commission shall consist of the city attorney, ex officio; the city manager, ex officio; and of seven (7) other members to be appointed by the mayor, not more than two (2) of whom shall be nonresidents of the city. (1962 Code § 2-2-2; amd. 2014 Code)
   B.   President And Vice President: The planning commission, at its first meeting, shall elect a president and vice president, who shall be members appointed by the mayor and who shall hold office during the pleasure of the commission. (1962 Code § 2-2-2)
   C.   Secretary: The commission shall elect a secretary who need not be a member of the commission. Such secretary shall keep an accurate record of all proceedings of said commission and the commission shall, on October 1 of each year, make and file a report of all transactions of the commission, with the city council.
   D.   Compensation: Members of the planning commission shall receive no compensation. (1962 Code § 2-2-4)