8-4-13: RATES:
Rates for service shall be established by separate city council resolution. (Ord. 627-10, 9-21-2010; amd. 2014 Code)
   A.   Rates Adjusted By Council Resolution: The city council may, from time to time, adjust the rates charged by the franchisee by adopting a revised rate resolution. The franchisee may apply for a rate adjustment at the end of one year from the previous adjustment, or when franchisee's overall costs increase by five percent (5%), or when a single catastrophic cost increase occurs, whichever comes first. At the time of application for a rate adjustment, the franchisee shall submit a proposed schedule of rates for solid waste management service, which shall be reviewed by the city.
   B.   Establishing Rates Or Rate Adjustments; Considerations: In establishing rates or in considering rate adjustments, the city shall find that the rates will be just, fair, reasonable and sufficient to provide proper service to the public and will take into consideration the cost of doing business by the franchisee, the ability of the customer to pay such rates and the rates charged by a similar business. In determining the appropriate rate to be charged by the franchisee, the city council may consider the following:
      1.   The cost of performing the service provided by the franchisee.
      2.   The anticipated increase or decrease in the cost of providing this service.
      3.   The need for equipment replacement and the need for additional equipment to meet the service needs; compliance with federal, state or local law or regulations; or, technological changes.
      4.   The franchisee's investment, the value of the business and the necessity that the franchisee has a reasonable operating margin and rate of return on revenue.
      5.   The public interest in assuring reasonable rates to enable the franchisee to provide efficient and beneficial service to the residents and other users of the service.
      6.   The local wage scale cost of management, facilities, and disposal fees and charges.
      7.   Any profit or cost savings resulting from recycling and resource recovery, and any additional costs resulting from recycling and resource recovery.
      8.   Any increase or decrease in the franchise fee charged by the city.
      9.   Rates in other cities for similar service.
      10.   Any other information deemed necessary for a rate review and adjustment. (Ord. 627-10, 9-21-2010)