A.   Grounds: Wilful violation of this chapter, or failure of franchisee to comply with a written notice to provide necessary service or to otherwise comply with this chapter, after a reasonable opportunity to comply, shall be grounds for modification, revocation, and/or suspension of the collection franchise.
   B.   Notice: After written notice from the city council that such grounds exist, the franchisee shall have thirty (30) days from the date of giving such notice in which to comply or to request a public hearing before the city council. Said notice may be delivered to franchisee personally, electronically or by U.S. mail to franchisee's business address.
   C.   Council Action: If franchisee fails to comply within the specified time or fails to comply with the order of the city council entered upon the basis of findings at the public hearing, the city council may suspend, modify or revoke the franchise, or make such action contingent upon continued noncompliance with this chapter.
   D.   Public Hearing: At a public hearing, the franchisee and other interested persons shall have an opportunity to present oral, written or documentary evidence to the city council.
   E.   Immediate And Serious Danger: In the event that the city council finds an immediate and serious danger to the public through creation of a health hazard, it may take action within a time specified in the notice to the franchisee, and without a public hearing prior to taking such action. (Ord. 627-10, 9-21-2010)