The franchise is granted for a seven (7) year term. The right, privilege and collection franchise granted by this chapter is considered as a rolling collection franchise, subject to renewal and termination only as follows:
   A.   Extension Or Notice Of City Decision To Terminate Franchise; Procedure:
      1.   Beginning January 1 of each year, an additional year shall automatically be added to the term of the franchise to maintain a seven (7) year term.
      2.   If the city council chooses not to extend the franchise, then at least sixty (60) days before the date that the franchise would otherwise automatically be extended, the city shall provide the franchisee with written notice of the city council's intent not to extend the franchise. The franchisee shall have thirty (30) days from the date of the notice to request a public hearing. If, following the public hearing, the city council reaffirms the decision not to extend the franchise term, the franchise shall become a fixed seven (7) year franchise and shall not automatically be extended as provided in this section. Further continuing term renewals may be reinstated by the city.
   B.   City Review Of Terms Of Franchise: The city shall have the right, at the end of every five (5) year period, to review any of the terms of this franchise and to work with franchisee to implement the modifications desired by the city, taking into account the technological and economical feasibility of such modifications, and allowing compensation to franchisee in the rates for any increased cost of service due to such modifications.
   C.   Suspension, Modification Or Revocation: The franchise may be suspended, modified, or revoked as provided in section 8-4-8 of this chapter. (Ord. 627-10, 9-21-2010)