A.   Permit Required; Indemnification: No person shall make any connection with any public sewer, nor shall any opening be made into a public sewer, until the person making the same shall obtain a permit to do so, and shall have given ample security that he or she will indemnify and save harmless the city from all actions, accidents, and damages by reason of any opening in any street, alley, highway or avenue made by such person making any connection with any public or private sewer, or for any other purpose whatsoever, and that he or she will also replace and restore the street, alley or avenue which may be opened to as good a condition as such street, alley or avenue was prior to the time of the commencement of said work, and shall conform to and abide by all rules and regulations of the city relating thereto.
   B.   Contents Of Application; Fee: All applications for permits to connect with the wastewater system must be made to the city recorder, in writing, by the owner of the property to be served, and must state the fixture to be installed, the location of the sewer, the number of the lot and block and the number of the buildings to be connected, and the type of occupancy, and shall be accompanied by the fee to be set by the city council by resolution.
   C.   Industrial Waste; Anticipated Volume: Where industrial wastes are to be discharged into the public sewer, the application must be accompanied by a determination of the anticipated volume of sewage to be discharged into the public sewer and the character of such sewage expressed in terms of five (5) day BOD (biochemical oxygen demand) and the pounds of suspended solids. Such determination must be made by a registered professional engineer engaged in sanitary engineering work, at the cost of the applicant.
   D.   Industrial Wastes; Application; Control Manhole: Application for a permit to discharge industrial wastes must be approved by the city council. A suitable control manhole shall be installed in the service line of each industrial user of sewage services so that sampling and measurement of sewage wastes can be made at any time. Such manhole shall be installed at the industrial user's expense and shall be maintained by him. A chemical analysis of the wastes being discharged shall be furnished by the industrial user upon request of the sewer supervisor.
   E.   Agreement To Pay Service Charges; Construction Limitation: Application for a sewer connection permit shall contain an agreement to pay all service charges, and in default of such payment, water service to the premises served may be terminated. It shall be unlawful for any person to extend any private sewer or drain beyond the limits of the buildings or property for which the permit has been issued. (Ord. 624-08, 8-12-2008)