A.   Methods Of Extension: Extension of the sewer mains of the sewer system may be made by any one of the following methods, in addition to the procedures provided in this chapter or other ordinances of the city:
      1.   By forming a sewer improvement district, as provided by state law, as a separate district, or included with other improvements in a local improvement district;
      2.   By assessment of benefited properties by the city council based upon such apportionment as is deemed fair and reasonable by the city council;
      3.   By the city installing a sewer main, the entire material and installation costs of which shall be paid by the person requesting such main, and which main thereafter shall be owned by the city.
   B.   Size, Grade And Location: The size, grade and location of such main shall be determined by the city. Minimum sewer main size shall be no less than eight inch (8") and shall provide for anticipated future development of the property in the adjacent area, and for the connections which such development may generate.
   C.   Easement: Where a sewer main is located other than on a city street right of way, a twelve foot (12') easement for installation, maintenance and repair of the sewer line shall be obtained from the owner of the property over which said sewer line traverses, including an easement or permission from Malheur County or the state of Oregon, if located on a county or state highway right of way. The easement will be in the form and contain the contractual provisions required by the city.
   D.   Costs:
      1.   The cost of installation which the applicant shall pay shall include material costs, calculated city labor and equipment costs and all other costs incurred for contract services, such as city engineer, city attorney, etc., that are necessary for review and construction observation, and including all necessary testing of sewer mains prior to acceptance and any repavement of roads or other secondary costs incurred as a consequence of the main installation.
      2.   In the event the applicant or developer installs city sewer mains, the sewer mains shall be inspected and approved by the city prior to acceptance of title by the city and prior to provision of service.
      3.   Any sewer lines, including mains and trunk lines, laid in city streets as part of a proposed development or service connection, shall become city property. (Ord. 624-08, 8-12-2008)