A.   Matter Referred To City Manager: Whenever a dispute arises as to whether the city or a property owner should be responsible for sewer line maintenance or repairs, the matter shall first be referred to the city manager who will order a complete investigation of the facts by the city staff.
   B.   City Staff Report; City Manager Decision: Upon receipt of the city staff report, the city manager may either accept it or order more investigation. When the city manager is satisfied that all pertinent facts have been gathered, the city manager shall issue an opinion and decision in writing and serve a copy on the adverse party in the dispute.
   C.   Hearing Before Council: Any property owner who is affected by the decision of the city manager may have a hearing before the city council; provided, that the hearing request is made in writing and filed with the city manager within ten (10) days following the date of the city manager's opinion and decision.
   D.   Conducting Hearing: The request for hearing must state with particularity what the objections are to the city manager's decision and the hearing shall be confined to the points raised in the request for hearing. (Ord. 624-08, 8-12-2008)