A.   Responsibility Designated: It is the responsibility of the city to maintain the sewer mains and trunk lines within the city (hereinafter referred to as "public sewers"). It is the responsibility of individual owners to maintain the line connecting a home or business to the main or trunk line (hereinafter referred to as "house lateral").
   B.   Division Of Responsibility: In order to establish uniformity in administration and fairness in allocating the burden of maintaining and making repairs to sewer lines, the city determines that the city responsibility for the public sewer does not include any portion of an individual owner's house lateral. A failure or an obstruction in the house lateral is the repair responsibility of the individual property owner. The point of division of responsibility for repair and maintenance as between the city and a property owner for sewer maintenance and repair is the point at which the house lateral joins the public sewer and whether the house lateral is connected to the public sewer line by a wye or a saddle, the point of connection and the division of responsibility is the inside surface of the city sewer line.
   C.   Repairs To City Mains Or Trunk Lines; Permit And Bond: In making repairs to a house lateral, no contact shall be made with the city sewer mains or trunk lines without first obtaining a permit from the city, paying the fee set by resolution of the city council for such permit, and posting a performance bond in such amount as determined by the supervisor to be sufficient to indemnify the city and the inhabitants thereof against any loss or damage which the city or the inhabitants thereof might suffer by reason of the action of said persons in making such repairs.
   D.   Performance Of Work: No work shall be performed involving the city sewer main or trunk line unless the same be done and performed by an employee or employees of the city or unless the same be done by a plumber duly and regularly licensed under the laws of the state of Oregon and the ordinances of the city. (Ord. 624-08, 8-12-2008)