A.   Voluntary Termination Of Services: Water and sewer service may be suspended indefinitely when the following criteria are met:
      1.   The owner files a written request with the city for indefinite suspension of water and sewer fees and charges; and
      2.   Agrees that the water meter serving the property may be removed by the city; and
      3.   Agrees that the sewer line serving the property may be capped; and
      4.   Pays a fee to the city based upon the estimated actual cost to the city of removing the water meter and capping the sewer line; and
      5.   Agrees that the structure served by the water and sewer line will not be used for human habitation or business as long as the water and sewer services are suspended. Streetlights, debt service, and fire protection assessments and charges shall continue to be billed to the owner.
   B.   Removal Of Water Meter; New Connection: Where indefinite suspension of water and sewer services has been requested, upon removal of the water meter, the meter becomes the property of the city; and in the future if the indefinite suspension is lifted at the request of the owner, the resumption of water and sewer service to the property shall be treated as a new connection as if the property had never before been served with water and sewer service.
   C.   Avoiding Payment Of Fees And Charges Unlawful: It shall be unlawful for any person to turn on or shut off water service to any property within the city with intent to avoid the water and sewer charges or to provide city water to or receive city water from a neighboring property with intent to avoid the water and sewer charges and to remove, without the prior written consent of the city, any water meter of any part of the public water or sewer system.
   D.   Future Fees Set By Resolution: Future shutoff and reconnect fees shall be set by resolution of the city council.
   E.   Penalty: Any persons violating the provisions of this section shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor for each day of violation and the application of a penalty shall not prevent the forced termination or cessation of prohibited or unlawful acts. (Ord. 647-16, 5-10-2016)