A.   Due Date; Notice Of Delinquency:
      1.   All water, sewer, water debt, fire protection and street lighting charges are due and payable at the city hall on a monthly basis, and are due and payable on the fifteenth day of the first month following the period for which such charges are billed; and if not so paid, are deemed delinquent.
      2.   The city shall send a notice of delinquency by mail to the last known address of the owner of the property, and to the billing address, if different from the owner's last known address. The notice shall state that the service will be terminated unless the utility charges listed above are paid in full within five (5) days. (Ord. 01-599, 11-13-2001, eff. 11-13-2001; amd. 2014 Code)
   B.   Billings For Irrigation Water: Charges for irrigation water shall be billed in addition to the regular water charges in six (6) installments; the first installment to be payable on May 1, and continuing on the first day of each month thereafter, through the payment due November 1.
   C.   Vacated Premises; Refunds Or Credits: In the event the premises being served with city utility services shall become vacated by reason of termination of ownership or tenancy, unused water charges shall be refunded to the person having paid the same, or, in the case of multiple units being served by one connection, may be credited to future utility bills against the landlord utility user. In computing such refunds or credits, unused, flat rate charges shall be determined on a monthly basis with fractions of fifteen (15) or more days treated as a whole month. (Ord. 01-599, 11-13-2001, eff. 11-13-2001)